For banks worldwide, it has become important to offer their service over the internet & a mobile, allowing customer anytime, anywhere access; and has become an important service delivery channel, with the customer expecting increased quality and additional Bank services to be available through the same channel. This solution must present most of the Bank’s services provided to customers directly, while keeping into consideration the Security of information exchanged over this channel.

This solution extends the following of the Bank’s services to its customers over the internet. Below are the key features:

  • Complete View of all Customers’ relationships with Bank
  • Balance Inquiry and Viewing of Account Statements for all account types
  • Online Transactions including Funds Transfers and Utility Bill Payments / Mobile Top- Up
  • Provision to initiate off-line requests for
    • Check Book Request
    • PO / Demand Drafts Request
    • Statement Request etc.
  • Instrument Status / Inquiries (e.g. Cheque Status, Stop Cheque Inquiry etc.)
  • ATM / Debit cards Summary, last 10 transactions, Card Status change etc.
  • Provision to modify Customer demographics and banking profile

Some of these services will require real-time integration with Bank’s existing applications while others will be processed at Bank’s back office.

The prime advantage of our solution is that it is not bundled with any specific security package. Instead, its architecture is open for any security software package to be plugged in. Following are some security models supported by SAB

  • PKI based software (like Secured Socket Layer)
  • Digital Certificates (Issued by VeriSign, Thawteetc
  • Digital Signatures